If I could be anywhere, I’d be in my workshop. There’s a deep smell of leather, hides of different colours and textures all over the place, brass fittings, sketches and my favourite tools. 

The radio is on, a cup of tea has gone cold on the bench and a small child will probably wander through. This is where I experiment, cut, stitch and make, creating handcrafted leather goods that are completely unique. 

To me, handcrafted is special. It’s something I fell in love with after studying saddlery at Cordwainers College. When you take the time to work by hand there’s a connection from maker to buyer that’s impossible to mass-produce. 

My handcrafted leather goods stand for contemporary style and beautiful craftsmanship, from modern to classic, sketch to finished item. Every piece is a tiny bit different - no one else can own that, only you.